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Interesting Video About The Middle Class

It is time to start concerning ourselves with the Middle Class and promoting, American Workers and Unions in the United States. The Millennium Generation has begun to see the truth.

IBEW Local 363: Planned Out and Prepared

Everyone knows that the economy in the Northeast has been terrible for far too long. Our local recognized that even during the bad times that we still needed to think of the future and what we could do to position ourselves for when work got busy.

We have adopted the Code of Excellence as the cornerstone of our organization and we are living by it. We are dependable and productive and are being publicly recognized for that. We changed rules that didn't work and made the system work for us and our employers. Owners are beginning to contact us and we are building many new relationships and are growing the number of employers we have.

We have developed our Youth Worker Group and had a good time doing it. It is good to meet and have a nice low key conversation about what the union is about. We stress to our younger workers to become involved and take ownership of the union. We stress being good, smart and productive. It has helped the new guys and gals understand that we are in a career that is respected and why it is important to support themselves by supporting IBEW Local 363 and our 363 Code of Excellence mentality and program.

We have mapped out almost all of the electrical workers in the Hudson Valley and have many electricians in the non-union sector waiting to become members of IBEW Local 363. We see a light at the end of the tunnel now and the future looks promising for us.

We have learned some valuable lessons on preparing.


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